Pecola Kie's Fantastic Fifth

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Pecola Kie


  The 2016-17 school year is here.  I look forward to meeting all of my new 5th grade students as well as their parents.  Once again we are faced with the challenge of mastering the Eureka Math Curriculum.  Each school year, brings on new challenges and responsibilities.  Our 5th grade Math Curriculum deals with intense math skills that can be mastered if my students have already learned basic Math skills. I have found that the new skills that I teach are very challenging and that my students need to be ready in advance. 
We will have homework each day except for the weekend.  We are going to be working very hard in Math each day.  We have to advance in Math and we are going to get the job done.  Please make sure that you child spends at least 30 minutes either on Saturday or Sunday brushing up on prior Math skills such as subtraction with regrouping, mastering all multiplication facts through 12's, and practicing long division.  These skills are so important and they should be prepared for 5th grade if they know them.  Conduct grades and weekly test grades will be sent out each Wednesday.
I look forward to working with your child this school year.   

Classroom Rules
1. Be on time
2. Be prepared for class.
3. Listen Carefully.
4. Follow Directions
5. Respect others and their property.
6. Remain in assigned seat.
7. Raise your hand if you would like to speak unless we are have class discussion.


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