Principal's Message

At Barkdull Faulk we are committed to excellence in teaching and learning.  Our teachers are continually striving to improve classroom performance and student achievement by participating in professional development that stresses research based and proven strategies in the classroom.   Each and every member of my faculty has high expectations for every student, every parent, and every staff member.  We believe that it is the responsibility of our school and our community to provide a safe and caring environment in which students can become productive citizens of our society.  Every available resource is used to provide opportunities for students to be proficient in our rapidly changing technological world.

We believe that our children are our destiny and that we must provide them every opportunity to learn and to achieve at the highest levels possible. We have an open door policy at Barkdull Faulk and encourage our parent to communicate with each and every faculty member by email, telephone, or through one-on-one conferences.  With the help of the community and our parents, our goal is to provide all students with the real life skills necessary for success in a culturally diverse society.